Advancing Operational Efficiency & Providing a Powerful "Green Energy" Boost in Wastewater Treatment.

Prodex® is the Wastewater & Bioenergy division of JSH international™, offering a revolutionary all-natural formula called BAE® (Biological Activity Enhancer).

As the green component to the engineered infrastructure, BAE provides plants with a low-cost, all-natural alternative to maximize efficiency and meet green initiatives. This one-of-a-kind formula is like an “energy drink” for existing microbes, increasing activity and populations. Currently BAE is being used by wastewater treatment plants to: 

  • Reduce Operational Costs such as Hauling, Chemicals and Energy
  • Enhance Plant Operational Efficiency and Stability
  • Improve Solids Handling
  • Accelerate Recovery After Plant Upsets
  • Boost Biogas Production

By Maximizing the Microbial Workforce™, BAE is helping the industry work toward cleaner water resources and a “greener” energy supply.