Maryland CHP Incentive Program Announced

Jul 31, 2012

From the EPA CHP Partnership: 

The EPA CHP team is informing our partners of a new CHP incentive program in Maryland.

Pepco and Delmarva Power have announced the approval of a Combined Heat and Power Incentive Program. The CHP Program is part of the C&I Energy Savings Program available in their Maryland territories. Pepco and Delmarva Power are developing an RFQ process for the recruitment of potential CHP projects. Projects will be submitted to Pepco or Delmarva Power for program pre-approval. Upon pre-approval, incentives will be reserved for the project. 

The incentives will comprise: 

  • Upfront payment of $250 per kW to help offset the installation and engineering costs of the CHP project, and 
  • Additional production incentives of $.07 per kWh produced, for the first 18 months following the start-up of the CHP system. 

The RFQ was targeted for release in mid-July, 2012, with a 120-day open-submittal period. Projects will need to be completed by late 2014.  Interested parties who would like to receive the RFQ should contact the program offices at: