Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties Uses Prodex’s BAE to Enhance Operational Efficiency, Saving the Wastewater Treatment Facility $400,000 Net Annually

Jan 1, 2014

Mount Laurel, NJ - Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties (JMEUC) owns and operates the Edward P. Decher Secondary Wastewater Treatment Facility located in Elizabeth, New Jersey and treats up to 85 million gallons of wastewater per day (MGD). In the Fall issue of Effluents, a NJ Water Environment Association publication, a white paper written by Joseph Bonaccorso, Project Manager at CME Associates, was published detailing a long-term project embarked upon by JMEUC to boost biogas production in their anaerobic digesters utilizing BAE® (Biological Activity Enhancer), an all-natural bio-stimulant manufactured by Prodex, the wastewater treatment division of Mount Laurel, NJ based company JSH international.

The report concluded that BAE’s impact went far beyond increased biogas production and associated electrical savings. Significant benefits were also observed in solids handling and retreatment. After an extensive evaluation, Bonaccorso reports JMEUC will experience a net savings of over $400,000 annually (after product and operational expenses) with the use of BAE in sludge removal, digester gas production, total suspended solids (TSS) returned to treatment, and electrical energy.

Download a PDF of the complete press release here.