Gov. Deval Patrick (MA) says government should support clean energy, despite Evergreen, Solyndra failures 

May 30, 2012

"Governor Deval Patrick on Wednesday said the state [MA] must continue to support renewable energy businesses despite high profile failures of government-backed companies such as Evergreen Solar of Marlborough or California solar panel maker Solyndra LLC."

"In addition to promoting solar and wind power, Patrick said the state should push into the technologies that can capture the power of so-called biogas, methane that is produced by the decomposition of food, yard, and other organic wastes. Biogas projects, which burn the gas to make electricity, have been built at landfills, farms, and sewage treatment plants."

" “Germany is famous for its commitment to wind and solar, but the remarkable fact is that they get more renewable power from ‘biogas’ derived from food and yard waste than from wind and solar combined,” Patrick said. “ My agencies are now putting in place rules to create a similar boom in Massachusetts.” "

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